BookSends Expanded Submission Guidelines

When authors make a submission to BookSends, there are three possible outcomes. The book can be accepted on the date requested, accepted but needing a different date, or declined.

Because of limited space and the volume of submissions, we’re not able to feature every book that meets our minimum guidelines. This means many books are declined, especially for highly competitive lists. Here are some more details that can help you determine why your book might be declined or how to increase its appeal and likelihood of getting accepted.

Price: Our goal is to provide the best deal to our reader on each book. If yours has been free in the past several months or was offered at a better price than what you listed in your submission, we’ll be unable to accept the title. Although a book may be discounted to 50% off, we may still decide a particular deal isn’t going to generate enough interest, and a deeper discount would help. Another point: we rarely accept deals for $1.99, unless there’s a good reason for the price.

Reviews: Having a number of informative reviews on a book’s product page helps us ensure quality results for our advertisers. If these reviews express complaints about the writing, typos, or other objectionable material, they will turn off potential readers and be an obstacle to getting desired results. Making sure your book has been professionally edited is a must. Even if a book has the minimum number of reviews, more may be needed if those reviews don’t robustly inform readers about the content of the book.

Cover: One of the most crucial parts of a book’s presentation is its cover, and many books are declined because their covers aren’t competitive with other submissions we receive. A professionally done, engaging cover is able to reach out and grab readers. Potential problems with book covers include a lot of black/blank/unicolor space, self-done or hard-to-read typography, or an image with marginal appeal.

Subject Matter: Even if your book has an excellent presentation, it may not be a good fit for a particular list. This can be because it focuses on a touchy subject, erotic material, or predominantly belongs in another genre. It’s possible that the book also embodies a subgenre that is unlikely to achieve good results, or that the book’s genre and intended audience are unclear.

Ultimately, submissions are evaluated on whether or not their overall presentations will lead to success with our body of readers. Limited space and the overall composition of our email list are also obvious concerns, and we’re looking for books that will most contribute to its value. Thank you for submitting to BookSends!

BookSends is not responsible for issues with improperly submitted affiliate tags, Amazon free book download limits, or anything related to affiliate revenue.

It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that books are at their previously designated discounted rate by the day the ad is set to run. Books that are not on sale will not be featured in the newsletter. BookSends is not obligated to give refunds or change dates if sales are not properly implemented.

Please note that in the case of cancellations, PayPal retains a non-refundable fee, and we charge an additional $10 fee.

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