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Deals for July 31st


Chasing Justice

by Danielle Stewart

USA Today Bestselling Author

432 5-star reviews! Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a violent assault.

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The Modern Prepper

by BJ Knights

Understanding how to prepare for and survive a disaster scenario can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. This book gives you a prepper’s edge in times of uncertainty. 

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The House on Blackstone Moor

by Carole Gill

When Rose Baines’ insane, incestuous father murders her family, she finds herself at Marsh Asylum, where Doctor Bannion helps her obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House. The house, her charges tell her, is built on haunted moorland. Nothing is as it seems for Blackstone House, and its inhabitants have hideous secrets; the greatest secret of all is that of the blood.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

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The Complete Let Love In Series

by Becca Fisher

All three Amish Romances in the Let Love In series. When Jenna loses her husband in a horrible accident, she never thinks she can love again. But she suddenly finds herself a single Amish mother and knows that her children need a father. So when a handsome stranger rides into town a year later and takes a liking to Jenna, she has to decide if she can ever let love in again…

$0.99 Previously $2.99

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Thrill Ride

by Multiple Authors

Murder, conspiracy, corruption, kidnapping, demons, fugitives and a world poised on Armageddon…Grab a seat and hold on tight! Because this 8-book thrill ride by some of the most popular names writing thrillers today doesn’t let up till the very last page. 600 reviews with a solid 4.4 star average across the 8 individual novels!

$0.99 Previously $9.99

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Picking Lemons

by J.T. Toman

When Professor Edmund DeBeyer is found dead in his office, strangled to death by his own Ph.D. hood, the police don’t have to look further than his colleagues in the Economics Department for suspects. After all, Edmund was the most despised member of the department. C.J. Whitmore, the department’s only tenured female, resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery using economic principles.

FREE! Previously $2.99

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Diamond Dust

by Vivian Arend

New York Times Bestselling Author

Takhini territory has been overrun with aggressive bear-shifters electing a clan leader, and the wolf pack is feeling the effects—pushing Caroline’s diplomatic skills to the limit. Tyler is a grizzly on a mission. If he’s going to win the majority of the bears’ votes, he needs one final thing: a female companion. The only woman in town with influence over wolves, humans, and more bears than he’d like to admit, is Caroline…

$0.99 Previously $4.99

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by Lark O'Neal

19-year-old Jess knows better than most that life is random. Her mom is dead, and she’s on her own, patching together a living as a waitress when a car crashes through the restaurant where she works. In two seconds, she loses her job, watches her best friend hauled away in an ambulance…and meets ex-Olympic hopeful snowboarder Tyler, one of the hottest, most fascinating—and mysterious guys she’s ever met.

FREE! Previously $3.99

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The Zrakon's Bride

by Linda Barlow

Kate Malloch is a lover of folklore tales, but when she visits a quaint Scottish village, she is surprised to find that they take the ancient legends seriously. Ross Malloch is a modern Highland laird with a family secret—there have been shape shifters at Mallochbirn for centuries. The Zrakon is in his blood. And on Midsummer’s Eve, the only thing his alpha male sea dragon can think about is finding his one true mate.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

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Watchers of the Night

by Matthew Keith

When a secret government agency recruits Paul for his ability to leave his body undected, Paul finds a place where he finally feels he belongs. Unfortunately, Astralis is an organization under siege from within. Not everyone feels Dr. Abrams is a fit director, and some are willing to do anything to make a change of leadership—even murder.

FREE! Previously $5.99

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My Secret Language

by Sari Barel

This funny children’s book is about Truthy Ruthy, a cute and charming girl who doesn’t want to stop crying over little things, until one day she reveals to her parents a huge secret: crying is a child’s secret language.

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Child Of Awe

by Kathryn Lynn Davis

New York Times Bestselling Author

From the moment of her birth, Muriella Calder is heiress to a great fortune many Highland clans desire to make their own. Touched by The Sight, she struggles to understand herself, while fighting those who threaten her world. Completely captivating, Child of Awe carries the reader from the wild beauty of mist-shrouded glens to the horrors of war, from the hatred of ancient feuds to the wonder of new love…

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Chasing Pretty

by Jennifer Lark

All Ashlyn wants to do is fade into obscurity when a scantily clad picture of her is circulated at school. As if life couldn’t get any worse her car breaks down. Zeus, the one man immune to her charms, offers her a ride home, he just has to make one quick stop. But that layover changes everything. There’s a witch and a book of spells and Michael, the ideal boyfriend conjured from pure magic.

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Dark Recollections

by Chris Philbrook

157 5-star reviews! Adrian Ring’s simple life is thrown into chaos when the world is ripped apart by a plague of undead and legions of desperate survivors. Retreating to Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy, Adrian attempts to rescue friends and family on the way while dancing around his impending insanity over who and what he left behind, and evading maniac survivors.

FREE! Previously $2.99

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by James Ashton

When ex-journalist Peter York is called to the hospital bedside of his ailing former boss, William Ardell, he is offered a strange job: find the woman who visited Ardell’s hospital room that morning and bring her back to talk to Ardell. Soon Peter will acquire an unwelcome sidekick, Ardell’s own daughter, face murder, deceit, betrayal and a conspiracy so vast it will shatter his view of the world. And yours.

FREE! Previously $1.85

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Island Sunrise

by Bobby Hutchinson

Charlie’s remodeling company is her life. Ben views life as one fun adventure after the next. When his aging aunt wants her property restored, Ben is put in charge of supervising. Ben figures Charlie’s devotion to work is perverse and unnatural. Charlie is disgusted by his total lack of any work ethic. Can Ben devise a plan to coax Charlie away from her hammers and saws long enough to spend quality time in his arms?

FREE! Previously $2.99

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by Melissa Wright

Unaware she’s been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life. But a tiny spark starts a fury of changes and she finds herself running from everything she’s ever known. Hunted by council for practicing dark magic, she is certain she’s been wrongfully accused. But the farther she strays from home, the more her magic and forgotten memories return…

FREE! Previously $2.99

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The Witches' Sleep

by Kaitlyn Deann

At only seventeen, Ella Barnes is shot and killed for an unknown reason. She is shocked when she wakes up in a different world, a world of witches. Ella has to learn to adapt to a new body, new life and new world, surrounded by new people. As Ella gets to know Raena, the world of the witches and its people, she realizes they aren’t the perfect creatures they believe themselves to be…

FREE! Previously $0.99

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Why do Cats have Nine Lives?

by Gisela Hausmann

Don’t all of us envy cats? Cats seem to have everything under control: They eat when they want to eat, they sleep when they want to sleep, and—they always get the window seat. Cats are successful in achieving things "their" way. In ancient Egypt cats were even worshiped as goddesses. Cats’ success principles work for all.

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by Nancy Mehl

358 5-star reviews! Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, her family, and her faith with plans never to return. Five years later, Lizzie finds she’ll have to run again. False accusations at her job, a stalker, and a string of anonymous threatening letters have left her with no other options. This time, however, her escape is back to Kingdom, her hometown.

FREE! Previously $6.99

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The Green Mile

by Stephen King

#1 New York Times Bestseller

896 5-star reviews! Welcome to Cold Mountain Penitentiary, home to the Depression-worn men of E Block. Convicted killers all, each awaits his turn to walk the Green Mile, keeping a date with “Old Sparky,” Cold Mountain’s electric chair. Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities in his years working the Mile. But he’s never seen anyone like John Coffey…

$1.99 Previously $7.99

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App: Sugar Drops

Sugar Drops begins as a simple match three board game and gradually increases difficulties as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes more challenging. 


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